Thursday, August 21, 2008

Screw the environment! Or not?

By now I am sure most of you all know that congress has outlawed the sale of "inefficient" incandescent light bulbs. You may also be aware of the controversy over the fact the primary alternative lighting option -- the compact florescent light (CFL) -- contains mercury. In fact each CFL bulb contains enough mercury to contaminate over 6000 gallons of water beyond safe drinkable levels!

One has to wonder what congress is thinking -- they aren't. Most likely this law was the result of lobbying of power companies and bulb manure-facturers. They both stand to gain -- the bulb companies by being able to sell greater profit margin CFL bulbs -- and power companies by being able to raise power rates and deliver less power (at the same time avoid having to upgrade the nation's antiquated power grid) and therefore reap more profit. Of course there are the retarded world will end in a great flood environmentalists who cannot see the bigger picture (sheez -- giving toxic mercury filled CFLs to children -- bright idea!)

Well not if I have my say, because in my attic I have stock piled more than 400 100w bulbs! I will be set for quite a while. And while the rest of the country settles into the new dark ages I will be enjoying a bright future. Screw you Congress!!!

If you value the environment or just don't like congress telling you how much power you can use I suggest you hit your local Wal✭Mart and buy a couple hundred yourself! Time might be out to buy 100watts already!!!

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