Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Lots! Beast Wars Megatron Knockoff

Back in June I was at the Big Lots! in Rensselaer, NY when I spotted something that looked familiar. It was a knockoff of Transmetal II Megatron from Beast Wars!

It was a exact mold of the original but instead it was in a dark grey, blue and gold color scheme. This is very different from the Cryotech repaint that was primarily blue. It looks of almost equal quality to the original Megatron with the exception that the transparent helmet and cockpit canopy are now black opaque plastic.

It also includes a translucent lizard man, and not sure what that is for!?

The packaging has a goofy looking Beast Machines Cheetor. It also says that it was manufactured for Big Lots!.

I wonder if Hasbro knows that Big Lots! is selling their intellectual property for the low price of $10.

Anyway if you can find one buy it!

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