Monday, August 11, 2008

natto ga suki ja nai dai yo!

I have been watching Japanese television and listening to Japanese popular music over the past 2 years in hope to learn the language. Well, I have picked up quite a bit -- and not just the language but the culture too.

One thing that has always had me curious about was a Japanese food called natto. I wanted to give it a try -- and just my luck I was in the local Asian food market and I found some with I snatched up before I could regret it.

I will be lazy here and link to a site on how natto is to be served.

I stirred it as instructed while noticing the arouma which has been described as dirty socks, but I would describe it as the following:

  1. Coffee beans
  2. McDonald's french fries
  3. that weird smelling modeling clay that wouldn't harden like play dough.

Now take all those things and mix them up in the blender and leave it in a hot car for a day. Overall it is not bad smelling -- but certainly weird.

It has been said that if you like blue cheese you will like natto. Now that I have tried it I can easily say that it not true. I could eat itif I were starving -- I would not choose to eat it if there were other things to eat.

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