Thursday, January 21, 2010

Choosing a Neo-Geo MVS Multi Cart

Neo Geo Multi Cartridges

Please note, I have made major edits to the lists and improved them as of 01/28/2010.

If you are a follower of my Blog, you know that back in June I got a Neo Geo MVS arcade game. It is a unique arcade game system becasue the games are stored on cartridges like home game systems. This made updating a lot easier for Arcade operators.

My Neo Geo is a 4 slot, meaning that it can hold 4 games at a time and the player can select which game they wish to play. I have 3 games in my Neo Geo, but wouldn't it be great to have even more? That is where the Crazy Chinese manufactures come in. Leave it to them to take a dead system that is no longer in arcades and produce a multi cart for it!

Now there isn't just one multi cart, but 9 different versions each with different amount of games in them:

  1. 18-in-1
  2. 32-in-1
  3. 45-in-1
  4. 48-in-1
  5. 100-in-1
  6. 108-in-1
  7. 111-in-1
  8. 120-in-1
  9. 138-in-1

Please note that while I am linking to for the cartridges above, I am not endorsing them, in fact I am buying mine from a different seller.

This becomes a very difficult decision because the game lists for these cartridges are a mess, spelling errors, different order, Japanese/English titles. To help me decide which to get I made a chart that give a visual comparison of the games that are and are not in each cartridge.

Download this List

You may notice that in this list there are games like "Double Dragon" and "Double Dragon +" I am not sure what the difference is, but if it is anything like the NES multicarts, they are the same game, but the '+' version has a slight modification like easier play, jump higher, etc. I am going to make another list that ignores these slight differences to show exactly what games you are getting in these carts. For now this list is much more useful for selecting a Multicart.

Update January 28, 2010:

Below are two new documents a of 01/28/2010 that use the list of official Neo Geo games, it is much more useful for filtering out the ROM hacks:

Here it is sorted by rarity of game in the Multi Carts, the more carts it is in the higher it is in the list:

Download this List

Here it is sorted by game title:

Download this List

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My 3do score!

I was at Richie Rich's Place today and the owner tells me that he has been saving something for me, I glance over the counter and see a 3do! Now, when these things came out in 1993 i didn't have the $699.95 to buy one, but my friend Patrick did.

I remember all the fun we had playing Road Rash, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and most importantly Star Control 2! Star Control 2 is still on of the most awesome games I have ever played. I had the Genesis version (Star Control 1) and the PC version. But the 3do version was the best because of the voice acting that was added. The source code for the 3do version has been released to open source and is called "The Ur-Quan Masters" due to the name being still owned by Atari. It was the most fun on the 3do.

I also scored a Panasonic 19" 15khz color monitor! It will be great for retro game systems!

I wonder this this monitor compares to the Commodore 1702 monitor.

Make your own McRib

Earlier this week I tweeted that I was making my own home-made McRibs and Jerry P. asked me how I did. Check out the video for details.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fluxbox Theme: LintherBrushed

So way back I made this fluxbox theme that resembles Panther's brushed metal theme. I posted it on freshmeat and forgot about it because I fell in love with the fluxbox theme titled "Alien".

Anyway, looks like freshmeat dropped all fluxbox themes and people were looking for it, so here it is for your downloading pleasure.

This the Alien theme that I currently use and love: