Sunday, October 4, 2009

Levi's and the Dumbest Ad Ever!

Really there isn't much to say about this ad. I am browsing the web and I see this ad with an awesome Captain America tee-shirt:

And when I get to the site the only tee-shirts they offer are these lame ones:

Now who was the idiot photographer that shot that photo? The last thing I would notice in that photo would be a pair of jeans! Even the Jacket is more noticable! So now I am angry because I was hoping to get that sweet Captain America tee, and they want to sell me their crappy jeans! Nice job Levi's now if you excuse me I will be looking for that tee-shirt.


Thanks Random Person from the comments below who found the shirt! Turns out that the back version is out of stock, but they still have it in Navy!

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