Saturday, February 21, 2009

Play N Trade Colonie Center Street Fighter IV Tournament

Today I participated in the Street Fighter IV Tournament at the Play N Trade in Colonie Center.

Since I have about 4 hours of play with the game I didn't do too well. I did much better at the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Tournament last weekend. I only won one match out of four.

Here are some highlights:

My second to last match - Ken Vs Ken (I am in white)

My final match against Sagat:

Johnathan (seated on right playing as Ryu) Vs Michael (standing on left playing as Rose) -- This was an crazy intense matchup!

An earlier match with Michael playing as Rose Vs. Honda

Johnathan played much better against Sagat (same person as my final match) than I did.

A tight match between Ken and Honda

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