Monday, February 16, 2009

Import Fun King of Fighters 95 - Sega Saturn

While I was inbetween matches of the Street Fighter Alpha 3 tournament at the Play N Trade in Colonie Center Mall I noticed a interesting looking cartridge in the bin. Upon picking it up my hands started to tremble. It was a Japanese import King of Fighters 95, For the Sega Saturn! It was only $3.99!!!

So I shatched that up and returned to the tournament where I didn't win. The prize was a copy of Street Fighter IV.

I got home later that day and popped it in the Saturn and nothing happened. So I looked the game up and found that the cartridge was only half of the game. It also requires a CD! Woops! So a trip back to the store and the other half was mine for and additional $14.99.

But the problem was that my means for playing import games on my Saturn, the Ultra Madness ST-key uses the cartridge slot. Normally this is not a problem but this game needs the slot. I tried swapping the cartride after the game booted, but the system freezes. So it looks like my only solution is to add a region switch to my Saturn.

I just need to decide if the game is good enough to do the mod. The mod is simple and no problem for me to do. I would just put the switch in the bay where the battery backup is, which would save me from having to hack the case.

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