Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cumberland Farms: Don't make me a liar!

I was on my way home today. I needed to fill up my tank, so I stopped at the cheap Cumberland Farms to buy $3.57/gallon gasoline.

I swipe my Visa Check Card and the pump asks me "Is this a Debit Card?" Of course it is a debit card -- but it can also be processed as a credit card. You have the choice, but if you choose to use it as a debit card you will most likely incur transition fees. If you use it as a credit card the merchant incurs the fees. Now I know that it is a violation of the agreement that the merchant signs with VISA to require a minimum purchase amount -- and I bet it is also a violation to make me lie in order to use my Check Card as a credit card.

I will be complaining to VISA about this.

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