Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coneucopia - Horn of Deliciousness

My wife and I love to come up with new food concoctions. One day while I was eating a waffle ice cream cone it hit me that it is a very convenient package for eating food! I wondered what other foods could be served in a cone. I first thought of putting the insides of a KFC Mashed potato bowl in it -- then I thought of replacing the chicken with ground beef.

My wife then suggested that I instead use the filling of a pilgrim sandwich. A Pilgrim Sandwich -- t he contents of which varies across the country -- is made from turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes (optional). It is one of my favorite sandwiches!

Thus the Coneucopia was born. It truly is the meal of plenty!


  1. Waffle Cones
  2. ½ Pound Deli Turkey (Thickly Sliced)
  3. Instant Mashed Potatoes
  4. Turkey Gravy
  5. Stuffing
  6. Cranberry Sauce (Very Important)
  7. French Fried Onions


Cut the turkey into 1½ inch strips as pictured.

Prepare the mashed potatoes and stuffing according to the instructions.

Warm the turkey in the microwave and then fold it into the prepared potatoes.

Cone Assembly

First take a teaspoon of stuffing and put it into the bottom of the cone. This will act as a dam to keep any juices from leaking out the bottom of the cone.

I found that a straw was useful for packing the stuffing into the bottom of the cone.

Now add a tablespoon of cranberry sauce and pack it down. This will be your dessert waiting for you at the end of the cone!

Next a layer of stuffing.

Add a little gravy on top.

Now a tiny bit of cranberry sauce and a scoop of the potato and turkey mixture. I found that in later cones it was even better if I did more smaller layers till I hit the top of the cone. And then topped it off with a big scoop of potato turkey.

Finally, make a small dent in the top and add a little more gravy. Then the top sprinkle with french fried onions.

And Enjoy!

Oishii! (おいしい)

Janey didn't enjoy it, at least in cone from. She had her turkey on a plate. She was really disappointed when we didn't put ice cream in the cones.

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