Sunday, May 27, 2012

So I picked up a Donkey Kong Junior converted to a Playchoice 10 mostly so I had a Nintendo cabinet.

I fixed the monitor by washing it and installing a cap kit (cap 166 was missing! - Thanks Broodwich with you eagle eye finding 166 on the board!)



After: (looks great in person)
The cabinet was pretty rough, but a nice plywood one. It had chunks missing from the sides, the side art was worn to white in places, the t-molding was pathetic, and the base was reduced the the structural integrity of frosted flakes, and that isn't GRRRRREAT!

I made a new base, filled the missing chunks with bondo, Colored in the missing parts of the Vs side art with sharpies, and painted the sides and speaker area with color matched latex paint.

In New York there are so few places that will color match oil based enamel paint because of VOC restrictions that I assumed that I would have to either use crappy latex paint, or buy super expensive automotive paint. If I were to spend money I would but vinyl for the sides, but I really didn't want to spend my money on this one so I went with latex. Looks good, but if you want you can easily scrape it off.

Funny thing is that my 8 month old spilled the paint over that I got at Home Depot (40 miles from my house) so I went to Wal-mart, and their color matching computer was broken, so then I went to ACE, and it turns out that they will color match oil based enamel!

I picked up a quart oil based, but didn't use it as the cabinet was already half painted in latex. I got is as a back-up in-case the latex was a huge failure. It wasn't, it looks good.

I installed some of AudioMIDIMan's True-flat molding, and that stuff is beautiful!


In progress:

New base:

Almost there:


Also I installed 1.1 Bios and 2600's NES cart adapter in the Playchoice. It is amazing -- Just Awesome! I had a little trouble with it, but all the issues were my fault, I washed the Playchoice board and adjusted the +5v and it cleared up everything.

Adjusting +5v on a Nintendo PSU is a real pain!

Oh, and I installed a new lock and polished the plexi with with this:

I was going to buy Novus, but this was right in front of me at Wal-Mart. Worked OK.

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