Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Local Game Store: Games A Plunder Cobleskill, NY

This will be the first in a series blog posts about local used games stores in Capital Region of New York State.

Games A Plunder is a new game store that opened this January by its owner Michael Willman. I only just found out about this store last weekend even though it is only 4.3 miles from my house! I was actually at another games store (Pastime Legends in Scotia, NY) and the owner of that store told me about it!

The reason I missed it is because of Cobleskill's retarded despotic historical society that prohibited him for putting up a sign until they approved of it. Can you beleive that almost 6 months‽‽ Many businesses would fail if they went that long without a sign! I don't know why there is even a historical society in Cobleskill, every building is old ugly and run down. It would improve the village a thousand times if they just knocked all of those buildings down!

Well Back to the store. My first impression when I went in was I thought he didn't have much in the way of stock, that was until I saw the two additional rooms. He has a really nice collection of 70's - 80's game systems and games in great condition many in original packaging! You will never see this kind of stuff in a game stop!

I would say that the pricing seems almost random, I saw great collectable stuff complete in box for really cheap, and then I saw other items, like a ColecoVision in fair condition with no packing for $200, which is high. He could easily post some of the CIB stuff on, and and make much better money on those items than he is asking for them. I just hope that some of the more collectible stuff isn't sold to people who don't understand the value of a complete in box games. That about covers Games A Plunder, next time I post in this series will be about Pastime Legends.


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