Monday, November 9, 2009

I bought a Propcycle!

This Saturday I bought a Propcycle Arcade game. It is a awesomely fun game where you pilot a bicycle/plane through a course popping balloons. The best part about this game is that you actually pedal a bike to make the plane fly! There is even a fan that blows on you to simulate the feel of actually flying!

I used to play this in the Jillian's in Albany, but half the time it was missing a pedal. I guess that is what happens when you mix arcade games a alcohol!

I was able to pick this game up for an unbelieveably low price, It actually cost me more to transport it from Waterloo NY to my house. Thanks Jason so much for selling it to me! I will give it a good home!

My Dad making sure all the straps are tight.

The hardest part was getting down the basement stairs and through the 31 inch doorway, but I was able to thanks to my brother Deign and my Dad.

I had to take the whole thing apart to get it down, which isn't a inconveinence since I would have disassembled to clean the it up and check it out. It is only missing a few parts, like a seat cover and some bolts, which I hope my wife will sew me a new cover!

What really suprised me was this this game uses a Mitsubishi 41" CRT Projection TV for its monitor. Most arcade games use a RGB monitor, but in this cause it is just a TV. You can even hook it up and watch TV on it. Here is a picture of it outside of the game cabinet:

So now it sits in pieces, the first thing I want to do is calibrate the projection TV, it is a little out of wack and I am sure it will look much better if I do this first.

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